Trying very hard to Take Better Photographs

We are the Sandhurst Camera Club

We are based in Sandhurst, Berkshire, in the United Kingdom and meet fortnightly – See “Programme” in the menu for details.

With the introduction of digital photography ranging from smartphones to professional “high end” cameras have never been so accessable.

Together with the take up of photography, many individuals are seeking to improve the finished image. In the past, that has been largely through courses, or trial and error. More recently, the Internet has supported the photographer, with online tutorials and social media such as Facebook.

 Many of the Sandhurst community joined the “We Love Sandhurst” Facebook group and posted photos they had taken, of family; gardens; visits; and holidays.

Following a Sunday morning walkabout with cameras around Shepherd’s Meadow, another Facebook page was established – “3 Counties Photography Group”.

The Club was created

Whilst that gave an excellent opportunity for the group to get together, take photographs and share some of them, it fell short in a number of areas such as peer group review, professional (competition standard) review and expert input.
It also misses the people who don’t wish to sign up for Facebook, or who have never heard of the group.

Camera clubs are popular: Yateley and Bracknell were over-subscribed. Yateley alone had a waiting list of over 20 – far more than satisfied by natural turnover.

So in 2014 we established the first Sandhurst Camera Club, which meets fortnightly from September through to June. (See “Programme”, on the Home Screen).

We also formed a separate Facebook group – Search for “Sandhurst Camera Club” or click below. It is for SCC members but we do offer a one month trial to non-members.

Why not join us?