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Sandhurst Camera Club


Working hard to help our members to take better photographs – and have fun whilst doing it

New,…………….. the 2024 “Project 52” has started

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Members, Log in and click on the “Members Only” link and then the “Challenges” button.

If you are interested in photography,
whether you use a Smart phone or a high end full-frame mirror-less digital spaceship,
or something in-between !!
you are welcome to come along and experience TWO of our members meeting for FREE

What have you got to lose ?
We cover a wide range of topics to expand your photography tool bag.
Check out our current and previous programs (above) to see what we do.

Please Note :- Membership is now only £35 for the rest of this season.
(see application form for more information).

Our Next Meeting

Will be held in the hall on Tuesday 20th February 2024
This will be an Open PDI competition, Photos can be on Any Subject.

The guest Judge will be Steve Kirkby who will be judging via Zoom.

Please submit your entries in good time and in the usual way.

(To reduce cost & waste, Please bring your own cup/mug for your tea or coffee during the interval)

The 2023/24 season started on the 5th September 2023.
Some of our presentations, meetings etc. may be delivered via Zoom.

In person Meetings are held between 7:30pm – 9:30pm
In the Kitty Dancy Room at the Sandhurst Community Centre

The Sandhurst Camera Club held a Photoprint exhibition
At the Atrium of the Meadows Shopping Centre on
Saturday 19th August 2023.
It was a great success with many shoppers stopping to look at the mounted photos that where on display and to ask our team questions. There was also several enquiries to purchase copies of the prints.

The copyright for all photographs on the Sandhurst Camera Club website are held by the photographer
and must not be used or reproduced in any way without the copyright holders express consent.