Photographic Challenges

The Club will run various challenges throughout the year. These are not competitive but give members a good reason to go out and take photographs. It also provides discussion material for club nights where the challenge entries are viewed and discussed.

The rules are simple….

  1. Interpret the Challenge in any way you like (unless specific rules have been applied)
  2. Take lots of photos and submit your 2 favourite images
  3. Ideal size is 1600 x 1200 pixels, which is the PAGB standard.

Details of the current Challenges are in the Programme.

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Project 52

Start date is Monday 1st January 2024
Each week runs from Monday to Sunday.
The image should be taken in that week (metadata will show when taken but in reality no one is checking!)
However, if you can’t upload it during the week, that doesn’t matter – just upload when you can. You can upload up to 4 weeks late, to cope with holidays etc. I’ve altered the number of images allowed to upload from 1 per week to 4 per month which will facilitate multiple uploads at once.
This is not a competition, just a challenge, open to all SCC members with as few rules as possible.
Ideally one image each week to be uploaded to:-
(Please ONLY one image per week!!!)
Filenames should include the week No. e.g. “Wk1 A Great Image” if you can, but this is not essential though it does keep your images in order!
It can be useful to set up an album on your own Flickr page; add your image to that at the same time as you upload to the group.
Image size – as for usual PDI comps. 1600 x 1200 will be fine – but it’s not that critical.
It’s a challenge for open images. No themes or subjects are set.
Challenge yourself – try to upload different subjects. Try new things.
Add comments about your image if you like.
Feel free to “fav” or add comments on other member’s images, but please be nice or say nothing at all!! Not really for critiquing images.
While the project basis is an image per week you don’t have to start at week 1 – you can join later if you wish or just add images when you can when time/work permits.