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The website is working - And Work in Progress

I have been playing with the website & hope you like it.

My intention is that it should be much more dynamic. So pictures will change as we move into and through the new season. There are some of those on the Home Page (Scroll up) and others in the Photos menu item.

I have also made it easier to feature hints, tips and recommendations. Quite often in the past, other clubs have asked us to advertise their events and I simply haven’t got round to it. Being easier now, it is more likely that I will do better 🙂

As I write this, in July, the new Programme hasn’t been finalised, so there are lots of “TBAs”, but at least there are placeholders, so the dates should be right!

Any feedback or ideas will be very welcome. I would like the site to be a useful and usable resource.

It wouldn’t be 2018 if I didn’t mention that we have a Privacy Statement. That, amongst other things, is within “About Us”

Access to Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) newsletters is under a “Members” menu item, which only appears when you sign in. Let me know if you are a club member and would like access.


Redesigned Webpages

Redesigned Webpages