PhotoPills guide to Lunar Eclipses

If you are, like David Plant, on the mailing list for PhotoPills, you will already have got this. However, in view of the imminent Lunar Eclipse, it might be worth a look:

Hi PhotoPillers!

After launching our last PhotoPills update to help you plan all your Solar and Lunar eclipse photo ideas…
Here you have our detailed Lunar Eclipse Guide (a real treasure):

A Guide to the Best Lunar Eclipses: When, Where and How to Shoot Them

This guide contains everything you need to make the most of any Lunar eclipse… And there is one happening next July 27th, 2018!


From examples of photos to inspire you and a calendar of the best lunar eclipses… to how to use PhotoPills to plan your lunar eclipse shots, the gear you’ll need and how to photograph them step by step.

We hope you like it 😀
Never stop learning!Happy lunar eclipse,

PS: Imagine. Plan. Shoot.!