Getting Started With The SCC Forum

I guess, since you are here, you have already registered with the Sandhurst Camera Club Forum? If not and you are a fully paid up member, have a look here: How to Register for advice on how to register (It is free and not too difficult)!

Or you can go straight to it here: The Forum.

Still here?

Oh good.
Armed with your username and password, click here to go to the forum: The SCC Forum. It should open in a new Tab.

If all has gone well, you should see this:

A look round the first page:

This is a cut down version of the above, to fit in comments. It applies to the “Real” one too!


The centre of the screen – Where all the Forum messages happen – is split into 2 parts.

The top – “Notices” is what it sounds like. An area for the Committee to leave interesting / useful / Notices. You won’t be able to add new items to that or remark on them, as messages would quickly get lost.

The bottom – “Club Area” is where the conversation happens. Have a look at the one you get when you login.
New items will be highlighted in Red. (You can clear those highlights – See “Mark Forums read, top right – under the Username).

Have a look around. Click on Forums to see what is in them and also sub-forums (e.g.”SCPF” in the “Photographic Associations, News and Information” Forum).

You can always get back to here by clicking on “Board Index” at top left – Just under the Quick Index.

Club Area - Joining In!

Once in a Forum, you can read comments, and add to them. There are various ways to do that, but this might help.

Don’t be alarmed. This is a series of messages with the first, From BobHallsworth (Look on the right) being “Demonstrating the Red “New Message”. Depending on whether you feel that it would help to Quote the message you are replying to or not, you can click on “Post Reply” (No Quote) or the Quotation marks, as shown. Useful in a very busy forum when you are replying to a comment several lines previous.

Good Luck! If you would like more pages like this then let me know in the forum!

Start in “Club Area > Chat > Say Hi” to let us know you have arrived 🙂

Marking as Read - Viewing last entry

New items which haven’t been viewed by you are handily marked in Red.
Also shown here – You can pretend that you have read them after all.

Also, you can go straight to the las entry in a Forum – Handy!