Are you stuck at home? Nothing to do?

Here are some ideas for the photographer in you..

This started as a result of the Coronavirus, but will continue far beyond – We all have dull days!

Digital Photography School started the ball rolling and the first section are thanks to them, but we will hope to add others.

We recommend DPS – They are at:  Digital Photography School

Greetings from Digital Photography School.

While our world is facing some serious challenges (on many levels) right now and while we at dPS don’t feel equipped to do much about many of them we’ve been asking ourselves what we could offer our readers right now.

One challenge we know many are facing is the inability to get out and about with their cameras due to rules about self-isolation, lockdowns and quarantine.
As a result this week we wanted to send you some suggestions about how to do some photography – at home.

Many of these projects are things you could do by yourself (or with your family) to get your mind off the current crisis and to tap into some creativity.

3 Fun Backgrounds for Portraits and Photo Booths You Can Create at Home

10 Amazing Photography Tricks You Can do at Home with Everyday Objects

DIY Photography Hacks and Accessories You Can Make at Home

5 Tips How to Set Up a Home Studio for Dramatic Portraits

An Exercise to Learn and Practice Shutter Speed at Home

A Fun Project You Can do in Your Own Home – How to Create a Physiogram

Also this week we launched our brand new At-Home 7-Day Photography Challenge

We hope some of the above tutorials provide you with some fun. Don’t forget to have a dig around on our blog where there are thousands of other free tutorials for you to learn from.
Darren (and the dPS team)

Photzy have some useful looking cards.

Contact: Brett from Photzy <>

Full set here: 

The Photzy Set

But look at three of them first –

Exposure Triangle (printable pdf)
The Histogram (printable pdf)
Manual Mode (printable pdf)

Still Life

Here are some more ideas for the isolation period from David. This time it’s “Still Life” from PictureCorrect ( and scroll down.

If you haven’t done it before, now is the perfect time to try still life photography. You don’t even have to go outside and the article has some basic pointers to help you get started. If you are stuck for ideas for the Facebook Lockdown Challenge this might provide the answer.

Just click on the link, above.^